Tree Sump Removal & Grinding

Tree stump removal services are delivered to those looking to remove an unwanted tree stump from their property. Tree stumps linger for a variety of reasons, including not wanting to remove the stump when the rest of the tree needed to be cleared or being unable to move it until the surrounding soil was more viable and wouldn't be damaged. Tree stump removals are an invasive process that requires going into the ground to dissolve the stump's roots and lift the stump’s base out of place. Depending on the size of the stump, more of our team members may be required for the same removal.

Dissolving Roots

When it’s time to remove an existing tree stump, one of the first steps to doing so is to dissolve the roots. The roots are usually still buried deep inside the ground, even after the tree itself has been disposed of. Failure to remove all of the roots can lead to future problems regarding the stump growing back or the roots growing outwards enough to rupture foundations, septic tanks, and pipelines. That is why one of our first calls to action is to dissolve the roots, so removing the stump is easier and more efficient.

Stump Lifting

Once the roots have been dissolved using a specialty formula, or they’ve been dug and cut out, the stump can then be lifted out of the ground. Lifting must occur slowly to reduce the damages to the surrounding soil. If the stump is lifted without the roots being dissolved, it can create creasing and lift across the lawn where the roots extend. If the stump is not removed with care, it can also leave behind an unsightly and gaping hole in the ground. This hole will need to be refilled using fresh soil that can be assimilated with the rest of your lawn and is ready for new growth.

Soil Leveling

After the stump has been lifted from the ground, we'll then proceed to level the soil. Leveling the soil means filling in the hole with fresh soil and ensuring that it is even with the rest of your garden. Soil leveling will reduce injuries and uneven growth when the area does eventually fill in, and new grass is grown on top. The soil will need to be leveled according to the space left behind by the previous tree stump. The ground may also need to be leveled in places where the roots took up extensive space.

Healthy Growth

Furthermore, once your stump is removed, the tree roots are removed, and the ground has been leveled with fresh soil, you can then sit back and wait for your new soil to slowly assimilate with the rest of your lawn. This is a slow process, but with patience and ongoing care, your new soil and grass will grow and fill in the area completely and look healthy and luscious as well. We recommend keeping the area well-watered and groomed for long-term health.

an old tree stump
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